Unique GPS Tracking services from GPSanywhere and SmartMonitoring GPS Safety and Security services. We carry all types of GPS tracking products. From Wherify's GPS Personal Locator for Children to Nationwide Fleet Tracking. We are your personal 24 hour tracking and emergency response team. You can use the Internet or any phone to quickly identify your fleet or children's location within feet in about a minute. In the event of an emergency, either the child or parent can request an emergency 911 response and local police will be dispatched. Help at the push of a button... This GPS Wristwatch combines the Global Positioning Satellite (GPS) System with 911 communications capabilities, to help take care of you and your loved ones... just about any where you go Your child can summon help at the push of a button. Nationwide GPS services from 911togo.com and GPSanywhere. We are building a network of GPS dealers throughout the United States and Canada. SmartMonitoring.com and AlarmTech are our parent companies for GPS monitoring. GPS Fleet tracking services from fleetgps.com and Smart-Track.net and personal gps services from 911ToGo.com gpsToGo and GPSanywhere.com Child safety devices to help locate a lost child. Locate your child over the Internet or call our 24 hour GPS tracking center to look into the location of your children or to help locate a missing child. The unique wireless 911 alert and rescue feature works using cellular technologies. This watch can be used for Alzheimer patients in the event they wander off. People with Alzheimer's can sometimes become disoriented and not know where they are, This watch can allow you to easily find someone should they wander off or get lost. Children adult and seniors GPS watch.
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ChildGuard GPS Wristwatch: "Powered by GPS" Personal Locator for Children;
Parents, whether at work, home, or traveling, can use the Internet or any phone to quickly identify their children's location in about a minute. Monitor your child location anytime! Set up our geo-fence, and you will be notified should your child leave the area.
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ChildGuard GPS Watch:

* Module size: 88.5 x 65.5 x 11 mm
* weight (50 grams)
* Propriety RFID component
* Tri-band GSM/GPRS radio modem
* Option in-vehicle wiring harness
* Option external power supply failure alarm
* Optional program for periodic Health check
* Option “activation: on movement” alarm
* OTA (over the air ) unit configuration: via SMS using AT commands
* Operational time on fully charged batteries: Standby: 3 years, 1-2 years (1-2 tracks/day), periodic 2+ years.
* Power supply: internal 3.7 v polymer rechargeable battery supplied with an approved regulated charger

The combined unit provides more flexibility and greater location coverage than when just using the RFID module. The range of coverage depends on the cell network available within a region, as this provides the raw data for the area in which the device is located. However, if there is mobile phone coverage, there will be location coverage.

Triangulation of the GSM modem enables this data to determine an approximate location. If there are greater requirement for accuracy, the RFID component can be activated and the asset can be located within metres, with the aid of a direction finding receiver.

The RFID can be activated by the user, or be remotely activated by the monitoring station via SMS. The frequency band 868 MHz is used as a standard Europe tracking frequency.

The RFID is used for exact positioning. With the direction finding receiver, the position can be pinpointed with an accuracy of less than 1⁄2 metre.

Direction finding recovery service will be provided by a third party, depending on geographical location. Available direction finding receivers can also be purchased.

Depending on geographical conditions and local topography, a direction finder ranges from 2-4 km. The direction finder gives an audio signal which increases in strength as you get nearer to the RFID Tag. If you are able to gain elevation on the RFID, up to 10km can be reached.

Help at the push of a button... This GPS Wristwatch combines the Global Positioning Satellite System with 911 communications capabilities, to help take care of you and your loved ones... Think about it.... protection just about any where you go! Find out More information About ChildGuard GPS Child locator Watch.

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